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Here is what the customers are saying about their experience with Sanders PC Consulting:

“I met Chris and asked him to examine my computer system’s endless error messages, freezing and corrupted programs that were materially effecting my business. He completely re-configured my CPU and it has never worked better. His work is professional, quality and complete. I was impressed enough to pay him more than he asked.”

James Kraker
JL Kraker Company

In simple language Chris knows his stuff and is able to communicate with whomever he is working. He is easy to talk with. As we all know, sometimes the presenting technology problem is not the technology. He has taught me how to solve problems as well as how to prevent them. Chris has saved the day for me more than once. He has come to my office on Sunday and we have talked long distance while I was in Illinois, as he walked me through the death of my laptop lifeline as I faced a critical project deadline.  Chris’s competencies are deep and wide. He does whatever it takes to solve problems and get the results. I have heard him talking to numerous customer service representatives regarding the grey areas of operating manuals and warranty coverage.  I highly recommend Chris and respect his integrity. He is a true professional. 

Dr. Tom Boldrey, QualityWorks Consulting Group

Carrollton, Texas

"I have been dealing with Chris Sanders for over one year now and I find his work to be very professional and his customer service is better then I could expect!  Chris has always been on time and has given 100% of his service.  I would recommend Chris to all my friends and to others as well.   Thank you for your great service, Chris."

Joan Beach, New Jersey

With dedicated patience and skillful service, Chris Sanders has been keeping our computers running smoothly for over six years. He has helped us set up and maintain a networking system, gotten rid of viruses, solved problems with professional software as well as the usual Microsoft Office, and more Since we rely on our computers for day to day business as well as home use, we are pleased to recommend his services.

Nancy K. Dunkerley, D.Min.

Spiritual Ministries Institute, Inc.

Plano, Texas

As a satisfied customer I would like to say that you came along at a very timely part of my life. I had just lost my husband and in the meantime inherited his computer. I am very computer illiterate but enjoy using e-mail, Google and being able to keep up with my banking. Chris was recommended to me and he came in, cleaned up my computer and got things going for me.  All of this he did on-line so I did not have to take my computer in.  Thank you Chris for your knowledge and professionalism.

Rotan, Texas

I have been using Chris's services for several years. 
He has assisted me in the proper start-ups of all my computers as well as any problems I have encountered.
Chris is a very patient person.  He carefully listens to the computer needs you have or the problems you are encountering, and he explains just as carefully the necessary steps to the results you are looking for.
Chris is attentive, accessable and fair.  It is a great feeling to know that if I have any problems with my computer that Chris is an easy phone call away.
---Debbi Schubbe 
Dallas, Texas