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Unfortunately, there are people out there who create viruses that "infect" computers in homes and in businesses. These viruses can damage the data on your computer by corrupting programs, deleting files, or even erasing your entire hard drive. Though some viruses are relatively harmles and do no more than display a message or pop-up screen, other viruses can make your computer's system behave erratically or crash frequently. These viruses can also lurk undetected in innocent files for months before doing their dirty work. Fortunately, at Sanders PC Consulting, we can protect your computer from these types of viruses by installing a business class virus scanner on all your PCs in the office. By doing this, you are preventing the loss of critical, if not all, data, as well as preventing infecting all of your business associates.

If you would like the professionals at Sanders PC Consulting to provide this service to you or would like more information, please e-mail us at csanders@sanderspcc.com or call/text us at (214)392-4271